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A place where people gather to share pleasant moments, with friends or family, and where they can express their culinary creativity. It is therefore essential for many households to have high-quality equipment to make delicious dishes and facilitate daily tasks.

Naturally yours: is the cuisine of yesteryear healthy

So, if you are looking for kitchen appliance references and want to discover the 2023 novelties in the household appliances category… You have come to the right place. Electronic devices, everyday objects and utensils: this little tour of the trends of the year should allow you to transform your entire kitchen!

The small, elegant kitchen appliance

One of the emerging trends of this beginning of the year is to modernize everyday kitchen appliances to transform them into professional kitchen appliances that are as practical as they are pleasant to look at.

Small household appliances are the first concerned and offer increasingly refined models to integrate perfectly into their environment. Here is a list that summarizes the main household appliances reinvented by this new fashion:

You can discover the trend of elegant small household appliances with the  KitchenAid robot !

Large appliances at an additional cost

The furniture, interior design and architecture sectors are now witnessing a surprising new trend: the addition of additional kitchen appliances (belonging to large household appliances).

This consists, more simply, in having several copies of a more or less essential kitchen appliance, in one and the same kitchen. In particular, refrigerators, freezers and electric ovens are concerned.

This movement also tends to democratize the installation of large household appliances that were previously little used, such as:

Everyday objects revisited

Everyday kitchen utensils and objects are no longer simply designed to be functional. Many brands specializing in utensils offer ranges that transform these kitchen objects into decorative objects. They sublimate them through innovative, colorful and extremely trendy designs.

You can get one of these gadgets to add a personal touch to your kitchen. Simply select a template that reflects your personality and style.

The age of digital connectivity touches every aspect of our lives, including the kitchen. Connected kitchen appliances are therefore increasingly popular! Thanks to their connection to the Internet, they offer a multitude of innovative features that make life easier for their users.

Multi-function kitchen appliances and all-in-one cooking appliances are also the most popular products in this category since they not only allow you to control and monitor cooking remotely via a mobile application, but also to access thousands of recipes online, receive real-time notifications on cooking progress, or even synchronize their settings with other connected devices in the home.

What utensils and models to choose to respect the trends?

To follow the trend to the end and choose your next kitchen utensils and appliances more easily, you can take inspiration from the most popular models and visuals of the moment, which are:

All you have to do is combine your needs with the trends to create the perfect culinary space.

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