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What are the decoration and layout trends in the world of the kitchen in 2023? The kitchen is, this year even more than in previous years, the central point of the house: it is multifunctional, organised, personalized… it has a soul. And if everything is possible today with incredible choices of creations, the key trends are based on four main styles: minimalist, country-charm, feminine and south-Mediterranean: a wide range of expressions! All based on advanced storage and performance criteria. The colors are more and more joyful and daring, but in a matte version for the soft side. And the island remains unbeatable.

The need for reconnection and conviviality is reflected in the renovation of the interiors, with the aim of being able to receive families and friends, and to make it a celebration around a good meal. The kitchen is also the heart of the house, we invest it 100%, and above all we show it to our families, friends, guests.

To meet the needs and tastes of each household, the offer is huge and allows everyone to compose according to their way of life and their personality. The plethora of proposals corresponds to a move upmarket in the kitchen and to a search for results that are out of the ordinary. grown to its full potential over the past two years, it has almost become the most important cog in the house – we’ve known that for a long time, but it’s even more important now.”

Open-plan kitchens remain the major trend, even if during confinement, some preferred to re-compartmentalise in order to limit cooking noises and smells. The notion of openness is precisely in the process of evolving…

Two major trends are emerging in 2023: one inspired by nature with noble materials and adopting a minimalist spirit;  one that invites color, even colors, to make it unique, joyful and soothing.  Stellana model.The kitchen is the main room of the house. Two major trends are emerging in 2023: one inspired by nature with noble materials and adopting a minimalist spirit; one that invites color, even colors, to make it unique, joyful and soothing. Stellana model.Kitchen More

The kitchen component of a large living room

The trend is to open kitchens in conjunction with the living room and even with the office space – telecommuting obliges. The L-shaped layout accounts for 44% of kitchens sold on the market. , and island kitchens now reach 28.7% compared to 12% previously.” In fact, the furniture becomes interactive: bookcases and niches for storing books, trinkets, jars, plants, etc. The need to delimit spaces is combined with the need for storage.

This notion of openness is also made towards the outside, the kitchen then extends towards the terrace. When the configuration of the house (or apartment) does not allow it, the alternative is to redefine the space with transparent segmentations: the flagship trend for glass roofsin recent years has been the best example, but they are now supplanted by glazed cabinets, which offer storage in addition to their aesthetic advantage.. And there is currently a porosity of the house with the kitchen, the spaces harmonize and mix. The island central has revolutionized the kitchen in this sense, it is still present and important in 2023 and will be for a long time to come.” In 2020-21, 13% of customers ordered islands, a figure that reaches 29% (source IPEA, Institute for Forecasting and Furniture Studies). Central or leaning against a wall, it is also becoming more democratic thanks to its now accessible prices, especially if it corresponds to a large format table for cutting vegetables, doing homework and having a drink, that is to say without a cooking or washing area. With integrated sink or hob, the island goes upmarket, especially with aintegrated extractor hood , which frees up space on the ceiling.

In 2023, the minimalist trendis in vogue in the kitchen and translates in many ways. First, the absence of handles – or else they are very discreet, as integrated as possible, and preferably with matte black or brass finishes; they are replaced by a push-and-drop system. The facades are smooth and uncluttered; even popular woods, such as walnut, are realized in modernized versions on flat surfaces without moldings and frames.

In these sober atmospheres, materials are valued. This type of kitchen enhances a total look of a material and achieves a real anchoring in the material.

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