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Changing a lock definitely cannot be improvised. Between the countless models of barrels, locking systems and types of locks, it is easy to get lost. To consider the installation of a new lock serenely, find out beforehand according to your needs and compare the solutions offered.

Why change a lock?

Before calling a locksmith or changing the lock on your door, some manipulations are recommended. Indeed, sometimes a simple maintenance can avoid the replacement of your locking system . Check various points such as the wear and maintenance of your door opening mechanism. Then commit to changing your lock if necessary.

If that’s not enough or you need to change your locks for practical or security reasons, here are some tips for choosing the right lock.

Did you know that it was possible to change a cylinder without changing the lock itself? If you only need to change the barrel, take the old one to compare the features and measurements before choosing a suitable model. While changing the barrel is within everyone’s reach, going from a single-point lock to multi-point locks is, for example, more complex. Do not hesitate to be accompanied by a locksmith professional in the event of a complete change of the locks in your home.

Choose a type of lock that suits your needs

Taking into account the level of security expected from your new lock is essential before making your choice. Many types of locks exist and correspond to very different requirements. Take stock of your expectations beforehand in terms of protection, aesthetics and budget before opting for a specific model of locks .

How to change a lock in a practical and technical way?

The first step in changing a lock is to take all the measurements of your door closing system . These different elements will allow you to choose the right cylinder .

To replace the cylinder of your lock , you will need at least your key and a screwdriver. You are thus ready to:

Obviously, changing a lock at a different price depending on your security needs and your protection requirements . Several elements are taken into account when changing your locking system or replacing it. If the type of lock to be removed and the one to be placed determine the price to pay, the intervention of a professional and the configuration of the lock are also important. Remember that a classic lock is less expensive to change than a state-of-the-art locking system. Some additional costs may also appear in the quotes, claim them before starting the work.

Changing a lock: also take into account the advice of a professional locksmith

Installing and changing a lock in a professional manner ensures quality work , impeccable installation and an optimal choice of lock . Don’t hesitate to call on professionals and your Blondeau locksmith-metalworker in Freney-Voltaire, in the Pays de Gex.

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