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There are many types of beds for all types of sleepers. And each type corresponds to a different personality.

There are modern beds, traditional beds, beds with storage and many other types of beds. With our guide, you put the odds on your side to find the perfect bed that will give you long nights of sleep in peace.

The different styles of beds

Your bedroom is a space for relaxation, so it is important to create harmony between the appearance of each design element in the room. Maybe you love the luxurious look of an upholstered bed, the minimalism of a metal bed, or the classic beauty of wood. Whatever your preference, don’t forget to think about the color of your bedroom walls, the texture of your bedding and the overall finish of your bedroom.

If you like a clean, modern and streamlined look in your bedroom, go with the platform bed. Positioned lower to the ground than a traditional bed, a platform bed requires only a mattress and no box spring, which represents an additional saving.

If you want to add a few inches to the height of the bed, a board is a good option for a platform bed. A support board under the mattress that allows it to be raised a few centimeters without changing the appearance of the bed can be very useful. It is actually a wooden frame covered with a quilted damask and a cover that protects the underside. Simple and smart.

However, if you like a more classic look in your bedroom, look for a traditional bed that requires a mattress and box spring. Headboards range from traditional to modern. There truly is a headboard for every style of bedroom.

Choose the right type of bed for your uses

Consider the size of your bedroom. If you are short on space, for example if you live in a small studio, you can opt for a Murphy bed that does not occupy the slightest space when folded up.

If you prefer a bed with storage space, storage beds have drawers under the bed, eliminating the need for a dresser in your bedroom. Storage beds simply provide extra space for things you want to keep in your bedroom, but maybe don’t want to display. Think out-of-season clothes, picture frames, sheets and blankets, board games, you name it.

If you have pets and children, choose a bed lower than the floor if you want children and pets to easily climb into bed with you.

Consider the size of the room, the comfort of the mattress, and your stylistic preferences before choosing the bed of your dreams that will give you life-saving rest night after night.

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