Space is sometimes lacking for the purchase of a large double bed. Whether you are in a shared apartment, a studio or in the middle of furnishing your child’s bedroom, you need to optimize the available surface with a bed that does not take up all the space. Even a small bed can give way to optimal comfort. Opt for a suitable decor with storage and a decor full of tricks for a small bedroom and buy the perfect bed for quality sleep.

Optimize your bedroom space

The available area in the bedroom you are going to arrange is not enough for a large sleeping area. You wonder how to optimize every corner to offer you the largest possible bed. Follow our advice to find the best solution for the layout of your small bedroom.

Opt for a sofa bed

In a shared apartment or a studio, the available space is optimized by using a convertible sofa. The traditional student sofa bed is a decorative piece of furniture and a bed that can provide storage underneath and a comfortable day-to-day bed. Opt for a latex mattress for quality sleep. The advantage of the convertible sofa is the possibility of having a double bed of 140 x 190 or 200 cm. However, you must have enough space to unfold your bed at bedtime. The convertible sofa is ideal for all people who do not want to choose between a sofa and a bed. It allows you to create two spaces in one place.

Choose a single bed

For a child’s or teenager’s room, you can choose a single bed. Several sizes are available to meet the development of your child. Children’s bedrooms are essential living spaces for education and personal development. Provide office space and storage shelves so that your child feels good in an optimized room.

Buy a storage bed to store your belongings

To combine small space and storage needs, you can choose the storage bed. The storage bed is a bed frame with storage space under the bed base. It can be drawers or a tilting system that opens a wide chest. Inside the storage bed you can store everything you want: children’s toys, bed linen, winter duvet, clothes, etc. Be careful not to place a storage bed if your decoration is already loaded. This imposing bed must leave an impression of light in the bedroom.

The size of the bed in a small bedroom

A small bedroom is a subjective concept depending on the person. Some need a lot of storage space, while others prefer to bet on the quality of sleep. In a house with several children, it may sometimes be possible to dedicate one room to toys and other rooms to beds. Choose from all available bedding sizes for a small bedroom.

The different single beds

The bedding market offers several sizes of beds for one person. Some sizes are preferred for a child while others are ideal for an adult:

The other sizes of small beds are more reserved for making double beds and are not suitable for a small bedroom.

The smallest double bed

If you absolutely want to have a double bed, there are small beds that can fit perfectly into a small bedroom:

Remember that a double bed in a small bedroom will prevent you from having enough floor space for other furniture. In this case, you can install a two-person mattress on a high loft bed to save floor space.

How to install a bed in a small bedroom?

You have chosen the size of your bed for your small bedroom. You are now wondering how to achieve an optimal layout for a decor full of light that does not tighten the already cramped space. Follow our tips for decorating your small bedroom.

It’s up to you to choose the best tips according to the ceiling height of your room, your storage needs, the furniture already present and the bedding you want to have.

Create a cocoon of softness with colors

Fooling the eye with color is one of the best decorative tips for decorating a small bedroom. The colors and the choice of their application on the walls can change the perception of space:

Harmonize the colors of the walls of your room and that of your bed linen for a room with an assertive decoration.

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