On average, American families use over 300 gallons of water every day. Surprised? Yes, we know that is a lot of water channeling in just one house. So, you can imagine how devastating it is for them when there is no water in the house. Although it isn’t possible to avoid all plumbing issues, being proactive may help you detect some of the following minor issues that need immediate attention:

1. Leaking Pipes

Plumbing pipes develop leaks for different reasons, and identifying causes for those problems is important to prevent further damage and have them repaired on time. For instance, age and regular use causes wear and tear on pipes. This, in turn, makes them vulnerable to leaks. Also, exposure to toxic substances or chemicals corrodes plumbing lines and can result in leaks.

2. Slow Drains

Do you wait for minutes or hours for your tub or sink to drain? Slow drains are common problems in most homes. Normally, the problem result from a soap, hair, and grease residue. To have the problem fixed, you will need plumbing services that involve using tools like plungers and pipe cameras.

3. Increasing Bills

Always keep a close eye on your monthly water bills. You will need that information to determine when something goes wrong with your plumbing pipes. If you notice rising monthly bills with no good reason, then it means there is a leak somewhere that must be fixed.

4. Leaky Faucets

Several reasons can be behind the problem, and usually determining the root of the problem isn’t easy. This is why you need an expert with experience to help you know why those faucets are leaking. Repairing the problem with a professional’s help will save you time as well as the hassles of taking countless trips to a store looking for their right parts to fix.

5. Low Water Pressure

If you have turned on your shower expecting a blast of warm or hot water but end up getting a trickle instead, then you are dealing with a low water pressure problem. This is an issue that you can’t be able to withstand for a long time. That is the reason we recommend hiring a professional to investigate and repair the issue.

6. Foul Odours

A foul smell coming from the toilet or sink drains is an indication that an issue with your sewer system or drain. Don’t be too comfortable for using baking soda. This might be a very serious issue with major implications on the plumbing system.

7. Overflowing Toilet

Act fast if you realize that your toilet overflows frequently every time you flush it. Normally, the problem results from the drainpipe backup, which apparently is challenging to repair without an expert’s help, thanks to the training and skills they have. A professional can also quickly clean the pipes to avoid messes and water damage from happening in the near future.

We know it can be very tempting to fix plumbing issues yourself. But always remember – simple repairs may escalate into significant problems if done incorrectly. That is why we advise you to hire an expert. A plumbing expert has the experience, expertise, and specialized equipment to have the job done.

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