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Installing new carpeting can instantly transform the look and feel of your home. But to ensure your investment gives you years of enjoyment, it’s important to have it fitted properly. Follow these expert tips when fitting plush carpets from leading suppliers like Carpets Worthing for a flawless installation.

Choose the Right Carpet Padding

Having the proper padding underneath your carpet is essential for comfort, durability and appearance. A dense pad made from fibre or rubber crumb. This provides insulation and cushioning underfoot. The pad should be thick enough to offer softness but not so thick it makes the carpet unstable. Attach the padding securely to the flooring below using staples or adhesive tape around the perimeter to prevent shifting. Padding extends your carpet’s lifespan by absorbing impact, preventing premature wear and tear.

Prepare the Subfloor Properly

The carpet can only look as good as the subfloor it’s installed on. Make sure the subfloor is cleaned of all debris, nails and residue so the carpet lies flat and smooth. Concrete subfloors should be fully cured and neutralised of alkaline salts which can cause staining. Wood subfloors must be structurally sound, with squeaks and protruding nails eliminated. Use levelling compounds or grind down any significant humps or depressions for the best-finished look. Proper subfloor prep prevents uneven wear, damage and trip hazards down the line.

Roll Out Carpet Properly

The importance of letting the carpet acclimate before fitting. Leave the rolled carpeting in the room for 24-48 hours to adjust to temperature and humidity. On installation day, unroll the carpet slowly and do not fold over. Pull only a few feet at a time to prevent wrinkles, and keep the pile all facing the same direction. Trim carpet edges carefully for a flush fit. For patterned or sculpted carpets, ensure the pattern match is aligned properly. Following these steps prevents buckling and maintains the carpet’s aesthetic.

Use the Right Installation Method

Two primary methods exist for fitting carpets – stretch-in and glue-down. Stretch-in involves securing carpet to tack strips around the perimeter, then stretching it with a power stretcher. This allows the carpet to be re-stretched over time to maintain tautness. Glue-down uses adhesives to permanently affix carpet to the subfloor; ideal for stairs, commercial use and double-stick applications. The installation pros at Worthing advise on which method suits your specific carpet and location best.

Seam Carefully for Invisible Joins

Seaming is one of the trickiest parts of carpet installation. Use specialised thermal tape melters to perfectly fuse seams for invisible, long-lasting joins. Seams should run perpendicular to traffic flow to minimise wear along the join. On patterned carpets, they meticulously match patterns along the seam. If seaming is not done properly with adequate adhesive, peeking gaps can appear over time – an eyesore and trip hazard.

Inspect Installation Carefully

After installation, inspect the carpeting thoroughly from all angles, across lighting conditions. Look for loose areas, visible seams, uneven ripples and pattern alignment. The experts will ensure all fitting work meets manufacturer guidelines for quality installation. They can repair any minor inconsistencies immediately to prevent bigger problems later on. It’s much easier to correct flaws in those initial days after installation while the carpet is still being settled in.

Maintain Properly

With experts, you’ll know how to care for your carpet properly right from day one. Follow their maintenance schedule for regular vacuuming and professional deep cleaning. Catch any spills or stains right away to avoid setting. Use furniture cups and chair mats under heavy objects to prevent crushing. Rotate small area rugs occasionally to evenly distribute wear. Together, these easy habits will maximise your carpet’s beauty and longevity.


New carpeting can reinvigorate your home’s look, but only with a proper installation. By following these expert fitting tips from suppliers like Carpets Worthing, you can ensure your new flooring looks pristine and lasts for many years of enjoyment. Their experienced installation crews combine precision, care and attention to detail on every job. Partnering with a trusted, knowledgeable carpet retailer like Carpets Worthing takes the stress out of the process so you can relax and enjoy your home’s fresh new styl

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